The Shining Review

The infamous Stephen King has created mysterious and horrific tales, giving reader all the suspense and bloody gore. These tales are then made into an actual film. For instance, the top best selling book, The Shining,became one of the horror films.

This film encounters several conflicts that begins with the main character who Jack Nicholson plays the role of a psycho named Jack Torrence. Jack Torrence has a family of three including himself. Jack heard about winter caretaker job at the isolated Overlook Hotel in Colorado and instantly wanted to go for an interview. Before attending this interview he informs his wife, Wendy, who is played by Shelley Duval. She was not hesitant about the idea since she was not aware of the accidents that has happened there with past winter caretakers. Although Danny, Jacks only son, had a vision of what would happen to his family if they go. He was terrified by how his family will get hurt and became completely shocked. Since he had a feeling it can actually happen because he knows his father is capable of doing horrific actions.

Though Danny wasn’t sure of how to tell his parents about what he saw and decided to not tell to avoid any actions. Having to keep things from his parents only continued as things got worse for the Torrence family. Especially for Jack, the writer who wanted inspiration to type a new novel but completely loses interest. He begins to see things himself and lets his mind wander with the craziness of the hotel. This craziness starts to affect his family even more than it already is.

This film overall is still the most horrific and greatest that will bring chills up your spine. It’s a 5 out of 5 as a horror movie genre.