Clothes vs. Education: Young Adults

Jackie Ortiz-Madera

According to school dress code, a girl showing her shoulders or her knee is too inappropriate and too distracting for her peers. Teachers and staff want students to act like young adults and talk about how our education is important, yet make a big fuss about a little bit of skin and prefer to take girls education away until this “problem” is solved. As cliche as it sounds, it’s 2016; showing a little bit of skin won’t hurt anybody.

Teachers tend to pull aside young ladies at school and tell them to cover up because what they’re wearing is too inappropriate. I, from experience, had a staff member pull me aside and tell me that what I was wearing is something that I would wear to go to “bucktown” instead of school. Does it really matter if I go “all out” dressed up to go to school? To my school staff members it may be dressing up, but to me it’s something casual and I don’t think they should have a say on whether i’m too dressed for school or not as long as I get my work done.

It would be understandable if staff members addressed a girl’s outfit if they got a complaint from a student saying that they’re uncomfortable

It would be understandable if staff members got complaints by students that they feel uncomfortable seeing a girls shoulder or an inch or two above her knee and address the issue, but if that’s not the case and it only makes the teachers and staff uncomfortable then that’s a different story. As stated before they want us students to act like young adults, yet we can’t handle a girl wearing a skirt or a crop top. From what I’ve seen students really don’t care about it, they go on with their day because we ARE at school and our main focus is school not the girl that is wearing a skirt. On the other hand, staff members prefer to take these young ladies out of class so they can go get a change of clothes, no matter how long it takes, valuing more of what she wears than her education.