Vasquez makes the cut for IHSA State Competition


Kimberly Huerta

As a writer in a journalism class, the opportunity to show off your writing is huge. At the Phoenix Military Academy journalism class with Ms.Comeford there have been a few students that have participated in competitions, and done well, for that they were chosen to participate for IHSA.

“I was excited because I didn’t think I was going to do well. I was actually really shocked, but proud of myself,” said senior Genesis Vasquez.

There were many other students that were competing as well. There were so many different categories in which a variety of students were a part of. In this case, Genesis Vasquez was participating for the category of yearbook captions. Competing is a lot of pressure on someone and it was difficult for Vasquez due to her unawareness of her role in the competition.

“It was difficult because I am not good at captions and I wasn’t aware that I was put to compete in that. Once I was doing the competition, it was really easy to do it. I think I finished around 40 minutes, but I triple checked everything,” said Vasquez.

Vasquez’s  was given difference images and information on each picture and has to write a caption for each of the pictures that she was given. Each of those captions had to be 1-2 sentences long, have the 5W’s and H, and a quote. Vasquez felt inexperienced in her role to the competition,but although she didn’t expect it, she still placed 2nd place.

“I was really shocked because I honestly thought I wasn’t going to do well. I was really happy to go into the state competition, but because I had a family emergency out of the city, I was not able to go,” said Vasquez.  

In this competition anyone that got 1st,2nd or 3rd were able to advance to sectionals .Due to her well written article, Vasquez won 2nd place and was able to go compete at Loyola University on Friday, April 29th. Although Vasquez couldn’t attend this competition it was still a great accomplishment for her.