Oklahoma City One Step Away from the Western Conference Finals

Xavier Martinez

It seems most likely that the Warriors will make another trip to the Western Conference finals, but maybe not against the opponent everyone predicted. Currently in the second round of the playoffs, the OKC Thunder have a 3-2 game series lead over the San Antonio Spurs. Numerous sports analysis predicted this series to go to 7 games, but no one predicted the Thunder to be leading this series.

The Western Conference has been the powerhouse of the NBA for the past couple of years. Throughout the regular season it seemed as if the Warriors could not be beaten and in the playoffs they have sustained their level of play. The San Antonio Spurs were seen as another power house due to their style of play and historic dominance.

The outstanding play of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant have prevailed the Thunder to game 6, which will take place on their home court. In game 4, Durant had an MVP performance by recording 41 points and 4 assists. Then in the following game, Westbrook went for 35 points, 11 rebounds, and 9 assists, one assist shy of a triple double.

The San Antonio defense can’t seem to stop the dynamic duo, and heading into game 6 it is a win or go home situation. Now analysts are predicting a matchup with the Warriors and Thunder and it seems that it can go either way. Golden State is well known for their small ball offense, but OKC has so many skilled big men that it may cause an issue for the defending champs.

Westbrook and Durant have been criticized for their selfish play, but it seems that their teammates are finally stepping up and making the big shots when needed. In order for them to make a run for the Finals, it is going to take each and every one on that roster to step their game up.