OKC to move on to face Golden State

OKC pulls off historic upset of the Spurs to move on to Western Conference Finals

OKC to move on to face Golden State

Xavier Martinez

The San Antonio Spurs entered the playoffs as the second best NBA team. They capped off a historic season with 67 wins and were one of the favorites to win it all this season. In round one of the playoffs, they swept the Memphis Grizzlies and moved on to face a young and eager Oklahoma City Thunder team.

        In game one, the Spurs defeated the Thunder team by more than 30 points and it seemed as if the series was already over. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook,knew they needed to step their game up and dominate the series which they ultimately did. They were able to get wins in games 4 and 5, which led the series to game 6 in OKC.

        Numerous sportscasters, predicted this series to go to game 7,where the Spurs will come out on top. Durant knew it was going to be a tough task to close out a series against a historic team such as the Spurs. In the end, they were able to do just that and the Dynamic Duel of Durant and Westbrook were unstoppable. Durant scored 37 points along with 9 rebounds, and Westbrook totaled 28 points along with 12 assist.

        Although they both had amazing games it was the engagement of their role players who would be the difference in the game. Players such as Steven Adams and Andre Roberson had a combined score of  29 points which really had an impact on the game. Now, for the 4th time in 6 years, the Thunder will advance to the Western Conference finals.   

        The Western Conference finals will make for a historic series because it will be Thunder vs. the Golden State Warriors. Both teams have bad blood against each other and the series will hopefully be very exciting. The most valuable player, Stephen Curry will be matched up with Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant will face Klay Thompson, and it seems that the duel who comes out on top will ultimately win the series.