CPS Supports Transgender

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With the passage of the new same-sex marriage law throughout the country, for other establishments, things are falling into place as seen from Chicago Public Schools newest policy. CPS policy makers have decided to better support the transgender teachers and students by giving them access to bathrooms, locker rooms and overnight trips.

On May 3rd, teachers and staff received an email from CPS showing their commitment to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all teachers and students. This new change has now became part of CPS guidelines.

The decision making behind the new guidelines was developed with the support and collaboration between health and community partners. With this development, CPS hopes to create a system that supports students who question their gender identity, increasing their confidence.

“I think that it should be allowed because society as a whole is constantly changing and organizations like CPS should be open. It would make students more open minded to the difference and there would be less discrimination and segregation because they will be more aware of the differences. When someone has knowledge of more things like transgender, less discrimination will occur,” said senior Genesis Vasquez.

The change in CPS policy has gained support from many students and faculty including the principal, Mr. Wipachit.

“I think we have one student in that category psychologically and it’s the right thing to do because we are here to serve what’s best for the student,” Mr. Wipachit said.

However, CPS continues to find itself in more crises, like the current budget crisis, the teacher one day strike and the $1.1 billion deficit due to the decline of state funding and increase in pension costs according to CPS’s website.

Although Mr. Wipachit is in support of the new policy for the well-being of the students, he thought budget crisis needs to be attended to for the same reasons.

“The timing, why are they doing it on the 5th, but I understand they are trying to do equality. They should address the principals first, then on TV, and it’s a financial timing,” said Mr. Wipachit.

The decision made by CPS was aired on the news, surprising many. . Like many principals across the Chicagoland area, the question is how will it be assimilated into the school.

“Besides the policy is there a curriculum that can support them like sensitivity in JROTC, and what about outside bathrooms. It seems like the policy addresses the physical part instead of the sensitive part. What curriculum do we have so that we can assimilate both ways? If they teach the principals and staff over the summer so that it can smooth out the transition.There should be a process one in July for the principal’s, one for the teachers in August and classrooms in September,” said Mr. Wipachit.

Although, the policy is viewed favorably because CPS is demonstrating support for the students to ensure safe environments; many still feel the
focus should be towards the most prominent issue – the budget