Inari Sushi Is The Prime Fresh Seafood Option

Inari Sushi Is The Prime Fresh Seafood Option

Inari Sushi is a restaurant located at 7428 W North Ave, Elmwood Park, IL 60707.  Their menu consists of basic Japanese meals.

My first impression was really good. They had this nice patio set to eat outside, and really stylish tall tables and chairs. When I first walked in, I smelled smoked salmon. There was about a 30 min wait to be seated. I was told by someone else who was waiting that the wait usually isn’t that long.

My waiter was very nice and asked if I had any specific needs pertaining to seating, such as by the window, or close to a tv.

Naturally, from smelling the smoked salmon, I decided to order some of their signature sushi, Sake Sushi and Ikura Sushi, which both consist of salmon and other ingredients. I waited for about 20 mins, and the wait was worth it. The presentation of the food looked very delicious. Everything was set up neatly. I could immediately taste the freshness of the salmon. Both dishes were very spicy, which i really liked. I wouldn’t recommend these dishes to people who aren’t too keen of hot foods.  

There was indie rock tunes playing in the background, which really made me excited about eating my dinner.

Inari Sushi is a little restaurant where cozy meets fancy. I recommend everyone who loves not only sushi, but seafood to eat there.