Cubs off to a historic start

Cubs off to a historic start

Xavier Martinez

The Chicago Cubs are currently the best team in the National League with a record of 24-6. They are off to the best start since their 1907 season when they won the World Series. During this past weekend, they faced the Washington Nationals who are the 2nd best team in the National league. It resulted in an outstanding 4-0 sweep, which made the Cubs look unstoppable.

The Cubs are on a eight game win streak and their amazing offense has played a major role in that. Everyone in the rotation seems to be contributing, and although injuries have been piling on, they continue to find a way to win. When it comes to runs drove in the Cubs are leading the league with 173.

On Sunday May 8th,the Cubs faced the Nationals in the final game of the series. Their Ace, Jake Arietta, was on the mound to pitch, and usually when he is on it usually results in a win. However, Arietta didn’t have his best game and it seemed as if  the game was getting away from the Cubs hand. Still, they did not  give up and found a way to tie it up the game at 3 and send it to extra innings.

It took until the bottom of the 13th inning to crown a winner, when Javier Baez hit a walk off home run to seal the game for the Cubs. Something magical seems to be happening in Wrigleyville once again and the fans couldn’t be more excited. Although the Cubs seem to be dominating, not everyone wants to get on board with the frenzy.

Everyone seems to recall them getting swept in the National League Championship series last season, but now they seem much more improved. The offense is a juggernaut from beginning to end, and their defense has made an astonishing increase in production.

The Cubs may be on pace to be the best regular season team ever, but it won’t mean nothing until a championship is delivered to the city of Chicago. They must put this curse talk to rest and do what they should have accomplished last season.