No College = No Success?

Alicia Moreno

Most seniors get the opportunity to keep going with their education after high school, but the question is can they afford it? Do they even want to attend? Do they know what they would like to study?

Many students decide not to go because they cannot pay for the whole tuition.
Some do not believe they should be there because of their grades from their high school experience.

Many are asked what they would like to be when they grow up and sadly they cannot state many careers off the top of their heads like when they were younger.

Yes, it is true attending a college or university can bring many great opportunities later in life, but it does not mean they cannot have a successful life.

Such as a dental hygienist, their average income is $68,000, an insurance agent that has an $47,000 average income.

Something that interests me and that I would like to become one day is a Cosmetologist. Their average income is $15,896 – $46,502, depending on where they work and how many hours they decide to work.

I know many parents encourage their children to go to a college or university, but it is really up to the student to decide their career path.

I know for a fact that if you are working one day and do not notice that you are working, you have achieved finding your career. This means that you are enjoying your job and that is really being successful in life.