New Star Restaurant

I thought I would never come across a Cantonese Restaurant whose shrimp fried rice didn’t taste like cardboard, until I went to New Star Restaurant. New Star is a small family owned Cantonese style restaurant. It is located at 7444 W. North Ave, Elmwood Park, IL 60707.

When I first walked into the restaurant, I noticed nicely placed tables, and huge Asian hand fans hanging on the walls by the booths. I also noticed lots of scrolls framed with cantonese writing on them.

My waiter had a beautiful Cantonese accent when I overheard him speaking Mandarin to another waiter. His english was very clear when he took my order. I ordered shrimp fried rice with extra jumbo shrimps, 2 Vegetable egg rolls, and an order of Szechwan Green Beans.

The food took no more than 30 minutes to come out. Everything was steaming and fresh. The wait for the food was definitely worth it, because everything was delectable.

The shrimp fried rice was very delicious, the rice was nice and moist, it wasn’t dry nor burned. It was cooked for the right amount of time. The vegetable rolls were a little burned, but had a very rich and delicate peanut sauce. The order of Szechwan Green Beans were very spicy. They were sauteed in a hot chili sauce that was to die for.

I recommend anyone who loves a good hot sauce to try the Szechwan Green Beans. You’ll fall in love with the combination.

Everything I ordered costed less than $20, so I recommend anyone, especially someone  on a budget, to try this restaurant.

The music playing in the background was just a combination of multiple genres. I highly recommend everyone to eat at this restaurant, you wouldn’t regret it.

Rate: 5/5