Big Colleges V. Small Colleges

Elizabeth Patino

Colleges and universities range from different sizes and you gain a variety of opportunities whether it is big or small. Some students prefer to attend a big university, while others aim for a small college. Both schools will provide you with the similar education, however, your experience can be different whether you attend a big or small college.

Personally, I believe a small college is better because it will feel like a second home due to its small campus size and you will be able to get anywhere around the school. In addition, you will also be able to make close relationships with your classmates and professors.

Some people may argue that small colleges do not give you the same experience or the opportunities that a big university may have.

However, the close relationship you develop with a professor may lead you to new opportunities, while in a big college, you have to reach out to your professors and stand out.

In a small college, you also have the opportunity to create close bonds and connections with many students since it is relatively small in size and you are able to meet many different groups of people.

Also, the facilities that the small college provides will be less filled with students as well as classrooms and libraries. As a result, you will be able to pay attention to your professor while also having space to study.

Furthermore, as a student, when applying to programs, you will not have as much competition compared to students in big universities because many aim to study abroad and participate in research programs. Therefore, your chances in participating in programs are more likely since there are less students.

Both small colleges and big universities give you various opportunities, but at a small college you will be able to create bonds with classmates and professors.

In the end, where a student attends depends on personal preference whether it is a big or small school and will be receiving a good education.