We should be allowed to wear Civilian Clothing

Mayra Barrios

Students that attend a  JROTC school are required to wear the “blues” at least twice a month. Phoenix Military Academy wears this uniform three times a week. The blues could be worn with a class B sweater, a trench coat, windbreaker, or even a $95 peacoat.

In my opinion, I believe that students should be allowed to wear civilian coats with their military uniform during these cold days. I understand that those are the rules of Phoenix Military Academy, and it is disrespectful to mix civilian clothes with something military, however the weather is really extreme.

Even our own Sergeants have said that students do not get everything like what they actually wear in the military because then people will confuse us. Therefore it should not be mandatory for students to wear the trench coat. Of even greater importance, the school has not supplied their cadets with wind breakers since 2013, so the only things we have to wear with the uniform is the class B sweater or the trench coat.

Finally, most students do not like the trenchcoats and it does not even keep you as warm. Many students wear their civilian coats with their class B any way. They should make it official that students are allowed to wear only black coats with their uniform. Not everyone has the money to pay for the pea coat if only the school would still supply the windbreakers, then many students wouldn’t have to hide their civilian coats just cause they wanted to stay warm.