2016 Girls soccer team

Phoenix Military Academy’s girls soccer team has not had a stable team within the past four years, every year there is something changing within the team and it has not had the best impact. Although change is good, it’s hard to adjust to it and be prepared for the next season.

As a senior who has been on PMA’s soccer team all four years, I’ve seen how the team has changed throughout the years. Coming in my freshman year, the girls soccer team had a new coach, Mrs. Miller and one of the current senior’s dad who stepped up to help with Junior Varsity. New coaches can be an advantage since we learn new skills and techniques, but that year the team lacked communication. We depended on the best girls in order to win. There was no team work, but we still had a good season.

Coming into my sophomore soccer season, our coaches were Mrs. B and Mrs. Miller. Mrs. B basically just filled in as a chaperon since she did not really know anything about soccer. Later on in that season, Mr. Mayr stepped in and took Ms. B’s position. Mrs. Miller and Mr. Mayr were both really good coaches and helped the girls out a lot, especially with headers!

Junior year I was really excited for the season since the previous year we did really great. However, our coaches would not be the same coaches anymore. Our new coach was Ms. Tristano, who also was not all that knowledgeable about soccer. That year was a little rocky since we relied on the boys soccer team for help. Communication was once again something holding us down. Basically without having a strict coach or a strict and serious team, the team was improvising in every game. There was lots of drama within the team as well. Coming into my senior year I didn’t know what to expect.

New coaches, new incoming girls it’s hard to adjust to it all especially when you have to work as a team. This soccer season, junior Christian Gutierrez is coach along with Ms.T. Christian Gutierrez has enforced discipline within the team and has worked with every girl to improve their strengths. The season has barely started, but you can already tell that it’s going to be a good season. The girls are working hard and as a team. There’s good communication on and off the field.