Decision, Decision

Senior Genesis Vasquez has to make choice between University or India.


Kimberly Huerta

For the Global Citizen Year Fellowship 2016-2017 cohort, one Phoenix Military Academy senior, Genesis Vasquez applied and has the chance to go to India for a year.

“I am really excited, but at the same time confused. I really want to go to college, but if I choose to go, I will have to postpone it. I am more undecided about whether what path to take and the amount of money I still have to pay. India is always where I have wanted to go,” said Vasquez.

Now that it has become real and she has gotten the opportunity to go to India, she does not really know for sure if she wants to go. Taking this might be a risk for her but also a great opportunity.

“I found out about the program junior year, but I applied when I was undecided about what to do after college. I never really thought I would get accepted or the amount of financial aid I received,” said Vasquez.

Seniors are expected to have a plan, and when they do not  know or will not consider college they look for other ways to move forward with their dreams, and this is what Vasquez did.

“At first it was something I thought to apply just in case I did not want to go to college, but later as I got a lot of college acceptances it became something that I did not focus on much. It is still something I am considering because I love to travel and I would help teach English, but I am not sure,” said Vasquez.

Although traveling for a long time sounds terrifying, she thinks that it might also be great for her given the fact that in India she will learn more about a different culture than her own.

“I think this program will benefit me a lot because I will be gone for about 8 months- the longest I have ever traveled. I know I will learn more about a different culture, something I love to do. I will also get to teach people English and learn about my culture too,” said Vasquez.

Great opportunities like this are big for a senior, and even though she might be undecided, she has narrowed her options down.

“I was not expecting to get accepted, but my mentor and some of my friends knew I would get accepted. It was great to know that people believed in me and it made me feel good. So far after I graduate I have two options: one is to work over the summer to pay for the trip, if I choose to go and I would leave in August; the other option is to go to college and I will go to either Saint Mary’s College or Maryville University in St. Louis,” said Vasquez.

Senior year is scary because once you graduate you probably do not know where to go next, but Vasquez has an idea and going to India or to Saint Mary’s College will be both great opportunities for her.