Dawn of Justice disappoints to a certain degree

Dawn of Justice disappoints to a certain degree

Jose Castineyra

Batman V.S. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a follow up movie to the 2013 film, Man of Steel. It was first announced at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International. Batman V.S. Superman launched on March 24th. At the midnight release the film made $81.5 million. However, the movie had a significant drop in ticket sales the following week, making only $15.35 million, according to Forbes.com. Batman V.S. Superman made only $224.4 million in its first eight days. However, with the addition of worldwide sales, Batman V.S. Superman made over $500 million after the second weekend of the film’s release.

However, this film took a different background story to the protagonist, Batman, than the previous Batman film trilogy. It was a complete reboot of the character, as well as using Ben Affleck to portray Batman. I can not express just how disappointed I was to see that the director chose to take a different route to Batman’s background story, which was very lame and almost lazy. Since Batman’s background story was rebooted, the director simply chose to show the death of Bruce Wayne’s (Batman) parents when he was a child when they were coming out of a theatre. Quite frankly, it seem like the guy that killed his parents had no purpose at all because of the fact that there was no dialogue to explain the robber’s intentions or desires. He simply just killed them and in the comics, the robber wanted Thomas Wayne’s (Bruce’s father) expensive ring. Thomas decided to try to fight the guy and take his gun away in order to protect his wife and son but ends up getting shot, then his wife tries to do the same but gets shot as well.

The biggest problem, however, with Batman’s background story is that, IT’S NOT CLEAR WHEN BRUCE WAYNE BECOMES BATMAN OR IF HE WAS EVER PART OF THE LEAGUE OF SHADOWS. Like why did the director not choose to at least show a small time lapse in Batman’s background story. In every comic book story of Batman, whether it’s reimagined or different versions, the background story appears to be the same all the time! The only time it’s really depicted to be his uprising as Batman is after the battle between Superman and General Zod in Metropolis, from the Man of Steel film. Bruce Wayne begins to have his concerns over Superman’s powers. Not to mention, the vehicle promotion in that scene makes the movie even more awful. The vehicle is relatively small. This doesn’t depict the usual taste of Bruce Wayne, which is classic and expensive like an old Rolls Royce vehicle. I think I see why the movie wasn’t all that successful at the box office because if we compare it to Avatar, it had bigger sales in the first weekend of its release and actually had a great story to it.

Another problem is Doomsday, who is created by Lex Luthor when he mixes his blood with the dead Kryptonian, General Zod, inside the spaceship that came from Krypton. Technically, Doomsday is suppose to be its own separate character rather than being a creation. He’s suppose to be unkillable due to the fact that he always ends up being more powerful every time he is supposedly killed. However, the director seemed very quick in dismissing his existence through the battle between Doomsday, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. After Doomsday takes a spear in the heart from Superman, that has kryptonite at the head of the spear, both Superman and Doomsday die.

However, possibly the most shocking and disappointing character for me would have to be Lex Luthor. In the comics, he is depicted as a well rounded businessman, with scientific cunning and worked as a perfect polar opposite to Superman. However, in this film, they depicted him as a psychopath, which heavily disappointed me because Jesse Eisenberg, the actor who portrayed Luthor, was the wrong actor for the role. He played off the psycho well, but they should have kept the character he was in the comics.

On the other hand, the movie does have its small Easter eggs, hidden messages. In one scene of the movie, Batman has a premonition of the world being destroyed by Superman as he becomes the tyrant of the planet. As well as in that same scene, and there’s a trailer of this scene as well, humanity seemed to have also been annihilated by Darkseid, a great and powerful being who has a love for death, literally, and wants to destroy everything in the universe, since his Omega symbol was carved outside the futuristic-destroyed Metropolis. Furthermore, throughout the movie, there are a lot of Easter eggs that predict future DC movies for the heroes of Justice League, which would include Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, as well as the destruction of the Justice League and the tyranny of Superman. However, it’s clear that Darkseid will be a major character for the trilogy to come.

In the end, the movie was decent. Nothing anyone should really go crazy about and quite frankly the movie is getting very low reviews like 7 out of 10. It’s interesting in the sense that there is a bigger story behind it, but for now, this one is disappointing to say the least.