Camp X-ray brings to reality life at Guantanamo Bay

Camp X-ray brings to reality life at Guantanamo Bay

Jimmy Bellido

Camp X-ray is an emotional movie based on the life of  a prison guard at Guantanamo Bay who makes an unusual friendship with an inmate. The movie is directed by Peter Sattler, this will his first project writing and directing. The movie has stars like Kristen Stewart, John Carroll Lynch and Peyman Moaadi.

The  movie is about how Amy Cole, played by Kristen Stewart, a U.S soldier who has orders to be based at Guantanamo Bay as a military police. Meanwhile she is at Guantanamo Bay, she befriends one of the inmates named Ali Amir who is played by Peyman Moaadi who is a prisoner of war. Amir is an innocent man, but because he is a Muslim, he was mistaken as a member of Al-Qaeda. As time goes on in the base, the friendship between Cole and Amir grows as well as their trust. As Cole’s time at the Bay is coming to an end, Amir sees no reason to live because his only friend is moving away. So Cole’s last night as guard, Amir tries to commit suicide, but she convinces him to not give up on life and that things will get better. Before she leaves forever, she leaves Amir with a gift he has been waiting for years, the last book of the Harry Potter series.

The movie will have an emotional toll on you with certain scenes, such as the last scene where Cole and Amir are together and Amir tries to commit suicide. There are certain scenes that are rubbish, like when Cole has to report to her commanding officer to explain a report she filed out against a fellow soldier. This scene is boring and has no real reason to be in the movie.

If you are an individual who likes war movies, emotional movies and movies that could bring a tear to your eye, this is the movie for you. I highly recommend this movie to all, its worth the hour and fifty-seven minutes it takes. I give the movie 4.5 stars out of five for having a great plot, great direction, and amazing cast.