Urban Exploration

Octavio Sanchez

As summer is kicking in, the urban explorers are coming out of their shelters. Some of those urban explorers are attending PMA. They explore every part of the city just to make sure they get the picture they need. Others just do it for memories and moments with loved ones.

There are many places to go around the city of Chicago and many of these places are found by exploring dark and dangerous places, but there are others that are found because they are over rated.

Some of the over rated places people have been visiting are The Silos, which is located by the Ashland Orange Line stop. The Silos is an abandoned factory that was demolished by explosives to record the Transformers movie and most of the factory is covered in graffiti.

“The first time I visited ‘The Silos’ was numbing. The vibe it gave me was a complete paradox, some places made me feel like people were finding themselves through their art and other places made me feel like it was possible to lose yourself in the same way,” said junior Daisy Bucio.

Bucio is the perfect example of first time urban explorers.

There are many people that look for this, others do it to find themselves, and others do it to lose themselves. Everyone has a different opinion about certain places. It’s just the way that they view the place, not everyone sees the same thing.

There are many other people that like going to the rooftops of building downtown. They risk getting caught just to get what they need. Some buildings are easier to get to than others but people still take the challenge.

“The fact that I have been there so many times it is so easy to get there and sometimes it’s not so difficult to get caught,” said junior Francisco Franco.

People are just used to the adrenaline and they need to experience it more. Some just want to make art and mark their territory. They just have to make sure they are slick and they do not get caught.