Spring Break Plans

Jeidy Garcia

This year, Spring Break will start on April 18, 2016. Students

will be given only one week to get some rest and catch up on any assignments.

“The plans I have for Spring Break are to do homework that teachers will assign me and get some rest. I will also be going to the meetings with the

extra curricular activity I’m part of. I’m also planning on having fun during this spring break by playing video games,” said junior Joselyn Valerio.

Although junior Diana Aguilar is not sure of  her plans for Spring Break, she would like to spend it with important people in her life.

‘I’m not sure what I’m doing on  Spring Break. However,I will like to spend it with my family,  friends and with my boyfriend,” said Aguilar.

Valerio explained how one week of Spring Break is not enough for everyone to enjoy their break.

“One week of Spring Break is not enough. The only break students get is to not be in their classrooms for a week. However,we don’t have a break from homework. If students wouldn’t get homework then yes it is fair. Although I believe we should get about 2-3 weeks ,so schools should take a consideration that everyone wants to enjoy their break,”said Valerio.

Aguilar believes that everyone should enjoy their break, but,also take advantage to get homework or any assignments done.

“Having one week of break is great because I can catch up on assignments and take advantage of  some time off while still relaxing and having fun,” said Aguilar.