Preview for Soccer

Jose Gonzales

Soccer season is right around the corner and this is what many Phoenix girls been waiting for.

There are many new members that are joining and previous players coming back. Each soccer player has their own thoughts about this soccer season of 2016.

Junior Mayra Barrios has been part of the team for the past 3 years.

“Whenever I can, I go on Saturdays to Uno and play soccer with friends. We spend about 2-3 hours playing so this helps my practice,” said Barrios.

Mayra has been part of the soccer team but doesn’t just practice at school. She feels like everyone should practice on their own too and play games with friends.

“My expectations for this year is that we will get better as a team. Most girls came back to play so I feel like we will know each other’s skills and strategies to do good this year. We expect to win more games this year and improve a lot,” said Barrios.

Many girls are really hoping to do good this year. Since many came back, they feel like they will help each other more and help each other on their weakness to improve a lot more.

The coach for soccer is Ms.Tristano and people are really happy about this because she encourages the team to do their best and stay positive.

“I believe [Ms. Tristano] will help everyone improve and work together. We have new girls but with the help of Ms. T we will all be able to work together and become better,” said Barrios.

PMA is really happy with their girls soccer team. We expect them to do good and work together as a strong team. We wish them good luck and hope for improvement for next yea