Fund Our Schools!

Jabaree White

Over the past year, the government has been going through many problems throughout the city. One of the main problems that everyone sees now is the funding situations.

If they do not give CPS proper funding for their schools, teachers may go on strike, which  will mess up the student’s graduation and prom.

On Friday March 25, we were suppose have school but that did not happen. Since the government is so cheap, everyone was out of school; even the teachers and they did not  get paid for the day. They call it “furlough day.”  Due to this day and other problems in CPS, the teachers went on a one day strike.

If schools do not get the funds, it will mess up the future for high school students. Most extracurricular activities will be cut drastically because there will be no money to fund the activities. Students at Phoenix  really care about the extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities include  the debate team, journalism program, sports , etc.

Taking all of the extracurriculars activities away could also mess up people’s  lives because teenagers can get scholarships from these clubs and other activities.

If the government does not fund CPS schools this year, they are setting  themselves up to be in more debt for the next year and it will keep going until they solve the problem. They need to fund all CPS schools with the proper amount of money so that everything can go back to the same.