Drivers Education

Joshlynn Murphy

On Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, in Ms.Comeford’s room, Phoenix has

spring Driver’s Education classes. There are fall, spring and summer classes that both the same teachers teach. Ms. Comeford, a Journalism teacher, and Mr.Claashan, a Human Geographic teacher, teach.

On March 24th, 2016, Randyl Block, a  guest speaker from the Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) program, a program for students against destructive decisions, came to Phoenix to give  a speech to the spring class. During this speech, Block mentioned important information to students about drunk driving. Students from this class learned a lot about major killings that teens sometimes cause.  

“From the information that was provided to us, I learned that the number one killer of teens these days are car crashes,” said sophomore Shymira Middleton.

Students felt as if the guest was very nice. She taught them new things about what could  happen if they drink and drive, what can happen if they drive while sleepy, and the consequences they will deal with if they decide to drink and drive.

“I think the tips that she gave us were very helpful and that every teen should know about these tips and these classes taught me a lot about the rules of the road and everything that I need to know about the road and driving,” said Middleton.

Driver’s ed classes are very important and people should take these classes seriously. People can learn a lot about driving and how to prevent dangerous consequences.