Time to get the tunes together for the Drum and Bugle competition

Gladis Martinez

Drum and Bugle is right around the corner for the school band. It is taking place on April 30. For many of the band members it is their first competition. As for Senior Genesis Vasquez, this is her first drum and bugle competition and her first year in the school band.

“This is my first year in band although I used to play the flute in fourth and fifth grade, but I stopped for seven years,” said Vasquez.

For the competition every band member must put in an effort from their own part, if they plan on winning. They should be practicing every time they have a chance to. Taking their instrument home and practice as much as they can to memorize the songs.

“We practice during our third period during class. Then each instruments have sectionals. On Tuesday it is the flutes, clarinets, and saxophones. Wednesdays it is the trombones, trumpets, tubas. On Thursdays it is drumline, and Fridays it is makeup sectionals for whoever couldn’t attend their own,” said Vasquez.

For Vasquez it can get pretty difficult since it is her first drum and bugle. She must learn the formation that Mr. Gilbertson r has created for the band. Marching and playing is not an easy task to do.

“I think I need more practice on trying to multitask with playing the instrument and at the same time marching to make sure the formation Mr. Gilbertson has prepared for us looks good,” said Vasquez.

The band is mainly made of freshman and sophomores, which some are new to playing an instrument they had never  seen before. Those who are new are the ones who need to focus more. However, not only them but the entire band.  

“I think there are a lot of things we as a team need to focus on to better ourselves. We need to invest a bit more time on practicing all together and making sure we don’t have people goofing off like we do in class, so that the performance turns out well,” said Vasquez.

The band must  manage to get everything together on time for the drum and bugle competition