Thoughts on YouTube Red?


Daisy Bucio


YouTube recently launched their newest upgrade called YouTube Red. It was available on October 2015. Basically YouTube Red functions the same exact way as a YouTube would. The only difference is the extra features on Red. With Red you can listen to music, even when you lock the screen. It allows you to watch online “Television Shows”. Last but not least, you can watch ad-free videos.

All of this sounds like a perfect upgrade, and that the whole concept itself is amazing. It just seems like it is too good to be true. So what is the catch, most might say. The only catch to this great creation is that you do have to pay for it. Nothing good comes for free.  

So, is this upgrade really worth your $9.99 a month? Is YouTube Red a combination of YouTube and Netflix in a way? YouTube Red and Chill?

“I find it is a good thing and worth the money because it implements all the things that consumers want. For example, now you are able to listen to music with the lock screen. You are able to watch and download video while offline. It is also ad free,” said Junior Carlos Romero.

But there are also people who do not find this app useful or worth it.

“Youtube red is not worth the money because there are better things like Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and to top it off there is also the normal YouTube App,” said Junior Octavio Sanchez.