New Release: Colour Pop Brow Pencils and Brow Colours


Jaylin Lara Torres

Known for their good quality, but very affordable lipsticks, Colour Pop has recently launched their line of eyebrow products. Colour Pop released their new products on March 10, 2016 at a very reasonable price of $5 per eyebrow pencil and $6 per Brow Colour. These items can easily be found on their website.

    The brow pencils vary from a range of 8 colors: “Jet Set Black”, “Black ‘N Brown”, “Bangin’ Brunette”, “Redhead”, “Arched Auburn”, “Dope Taupe”, “Honey Blonde”, “Blondie.” These pencils are double-ended as well. There’s a spoolie on one side and the pigment on the other side. This makes it really convenient because anyone can easily blend their eyebrows without doing much work. The brow pencils are very pigmented and creamy.

     The Brow Colour ranges in 8 colors, which are the exact same colors as the pencils, so it will be easy to determine which one is best for the buyer. The product itself has almost a mousse like texture.  The packaging comes in a little white pot that shows the color on the bottom. Although it is good product, the container itself is hard to open.  

     Overall, I do recommend these products because they get the job done and you can’t beat the price. In my opinion I would say that if you’re going for a more intense look try the Brow Colour; however, if you’re going for a natural look, go for the brow pencils.

Rate: 5 /5