Bob’s Burgers


Jocelyn Cruz

Spoiler alert c:


Bob’s Burgers is an animated, comedy series about the Belcher family and their food business. The Belcher family is made up by five people: Bob Belcher, Linda Belcher, Tina Belcher, Gene Belcher, and Louise Belcher.

Each episode shows a different struggle that the family has to go through. For example, in episode one, it is their Re-re-re- Opening and they have to make sure they sell burgers. While Linda and Bob grind meat in the basement, Tina is in charge of the grill, Louise is at the counter, and Gene is outside offering free samples. While outside, Gene drops the free samples, picks them up and offers them to the people. Food inspectors see this and they go inside the restaurant to inspect the restaurant.

Next to the restaurant, there is a crematorium and Louise makes a comment about how the meat comes from there. While this is an excellent reason to close the restaurant, Linda comes up from grinding the meat and one of the food inspectors turns out to be her ex. They recognize each other and the food inspector gets jealous of Bob and closes the restaurant. Linda tries to convince him to take down the poster in front of the restaurant that stops clients from buying from there. Gene goes over to the crematorium and one of the bodies goes inside the restaurant causing people to believe that there is human meat in the burgers. Towards the end, a bus full of people ask if he’s still serving food with human flesh, Bob sees this as an opportunity and lies to them telling them that he is. This creates enough money to save the restaurant.

The Belcher family goes through random issues, but in the end they come together and surpass the issue.

I recommend this show to people who enjoy shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy and Southpark. The show is funny and it teaches you some valuable lessons in a weird way.
5/5 recommend.