Impact Day impacts lives



Jaylin Lara

Impact day was held on March 18,2016 this year at PMA. Its ultimate goal is to empower the youth and teach how to empower each other. Junior Yesenia Lopez explains how she believes that this event is a great way to learn to open up to others.

     “Overall this event is great because it makes you feel welcomed as well as comfortable with strangers because you realize that many ordinary people like you go through the same problems. The vibes that you feel in this event are positive and safe for once,” said Lopez.

      Lopez also explains how this event made her become more aware of the people that surround her, and how you can’t let someone’s appearance fool you.

    “It opened my eyes because I noticed that people who always smile and laugh the most are the ones that struggle often times. This was really admirable how they always manage to make others smile,” said Lopez.

      Although this was Lopez’s first time attending this event, she feels like a lot can be taught out of it.

      “My favorite part of this activity would be when we crossed the line while being questioned by our experience; it’s hard to reveal these types of things, but throughout this event it was easier because of all the positivity given in this day that’s meant to be all about you,” said Lopez.