Athletes Should Play More Than One Sport

Mayra Barrios

Athletes that attend Phoenix Military Academy High School are not allowed to join two different sports at the same time. There is no right or wrong answer on the idea of students being permitted to play more than one sport at the same time.

In my opinion, I believe that if a student wants to join to sports at the same time they should be allowed to. I understand that those who join two sports at the same time have to quickly learn countless life skills: such as time management, discipline, and teamwork. . However, It’s different for me because unlike others I have my own experience on joining two sports during the same season.

Some of the athletes do 2 years of a sport and the last 2 years of another sport. But in my case, I want to do 4 years of soccer because of the possibility of getting a scholarship from a college. I would like to continue my four years of soccer, but having the opportunity to do two sports at the same time would be awesome.

Finally, I am more than aware that same-season athletes are at risk for sport burnouts and likely to develop high levels of stress. However, not all sports games are happening on the same day. At the end of the day it depends on the athlete on weather they can deal with it or not.