Ghost Recon Wildlands

Davlin Smiley

With the new installment of Ghost Recon from the ‘Tom Clancy’ game series coming out in during late december, Ghost Recon has a bright future ahead. As well as and its partner ‘The Division’ in open beta right now, the Ubisoft team have been very active so far. Ghost Recon Wildlands has taken a fresh course from its previous installments, it has taken a turn to go from a set path with stunning graphics and gameplay to a open world adventure shooter to give a greater sense of immersion.

It takes place in South America and Bolivia where a small special task force has to take down the “Santa Blanca” Drug Cartel and try to Stabilize the region. When completing missions, players can reach the location where the mission starts through a variety of ways. Players can parachute from a helicopter or drive towards their objectives. Players are allowed to use multiple ways to complete objectives, such as utilizing stealth, melee combat, or using the long-ranged or short-ranged gadgets provided in the game. Between missions, players are free to explore the game’s world, and the game will feature outposts that can be taken down by players.

I have High expectations for the game to bring in a lot of people and to keep the add-ons diverse enough to keep players coming back. It is coming out on Next Gen. Consoles so it would be available for Xbox One and PS4. For its presentation and design I’d give this game, pre release, 4 out of 5 stars.