College Bound

Erik Nava

Many high school seniors are now finalizing their decision on the university they want to attend. For the majority of the seniors applications have been submitted since November.

Unfortunately not all got accepted to their dream school, however those that did were able to go on tours in order to get a quick glimpse of how the campus was and what programs were offered. In addition, many attend events hosted by the university they got accepted to, like Senior Kevin Becerra who attended an event at The University of Kansas on February 19.

“The reason for me attending to that event was because it was an opportunity for multicultural students to get to know the campus and get scholarship opportunities,” said Becerra.

Not all students from Phoenix Military Academy get to have a full ride nor do other students from other high schools, which is why many students are trying to figure out ways to get money to pay for their school which include an abundant amount of scholarships.

Pecuniary issues are not always the case. There are also many issues involving diversity within schools that become obstacles for the students.

“I liked the amount of focus the school puts on its Latino students to have them succeed” said Becerra.

By getting into the school that best fits the student’s needs is perhaps a common struggle. When effort is put into searching for the right place, high school seniors may find the perfect fit just like how Senior Kevin Becerra did.