Going to State!

Erick Bernabe

On March 18, 2016, students from Phoenix Military Academy competed in the citywide science fair competition at the Museum of Science and Industry. The participants were at the museum from Friday through Sunday competing against other kids from differents schools. At the end of the competition Abigail Pio, Octavio sanchez, and Stoykof Nunez advanced to state.

“I feel like City Science Fair’s goal is to not only put great projects to compete against each other but to also motivate students to improve,” said Sophomore Abigail Pio.

Science fair wasn’t just about competing against each other, but learning and having a fun experience.

“ I believe that receiving feedback does not mean that your project has no potential but it means that they are interested and are analyzing of ways to make it better in order for you to have an even stronger project if moving onto State,” said Pio.

The judges had a strong impact on each participant’s project. The judges would go through each section of the fair and score each participant. The participants were judged by a guideline the judges had to follow.

“The Museum of Science and Industry has held the fair for sixty-six years,” said Pio.

Throughout the competition the participants are allowed to explore the exhibits. The competition lasted three days, but took preparation to set up their spots.

“On Friday participants arrived at 8 A.M.and stayed until about 3 P.M. for board presentation. Lastly, on Saturday we arrived at 9 A.M. and stayed until about 2:30 P.M. On Sunday we had the awards ceremony,” said Pio.

Overall the cadets from Phoenix had a great outcome. Some participants won money and others will be advancing to state which will be held in the month of May.