Trump Wins Illinois

Ezequiel Diaz

On March 15,  Illinois got a chance to vote for our favorite candidate. Many believed that Donald Trump wasn’t going to win in Illinois due to the protest that was held outside the UIC Pavilion last Friday. This win brought attention to lots of people, especially Chicagoans.

“I was very disappointed because many people, especially in Chicago, worked hard to encourage families and the youth to get out and vote so Trump would not win Illinois, however he still did” said Jocelyn Ortiz.

The possibilities of Trump winning the presidential election are really high. Trump is one of the few candidates attracting a lot of attention because of his racist comments towards various kinds of people. Many anti-Trump supporters are losing hope because the numbers of the votes on his side keep increasing.

“Honestly the probability of Trump becoming president is very high. Then again Trump is a corrupted person so he can literally buy the electoral college. At this point of the race I lost hope in America and the “American people”, based on the polls I can tell there is some type of racist mentally among the citizens of this ‘great nation’” said Vianey Dominguez.

So far, the candidates that have the most votes are Clinton, Sanders, and Trump. Trump is winning on the republic side, while Clinton is winning on the democratic side and Sanders is just beneath her. Although Bernie Sanders is the most favorable for many Americans, the fact that Clinton is beating him does not change.

“I support the democrats but for the republicans, I would say anyone but Trump. For the democrats I would say Bernie Sanders because his ideas about socialism are good for the people. Bernie is willing to help the minority, but in order for him to do that he would have to tax the 1% more, however, that’s why a lot of wealthy people are voting republican, they simply don’t want to share their wealth” said Dominguez.

The Hispanic and African American community were disappointed with the American people when they found out Trump won the election in Illinois. Anti-Trump supporters believe the protest that occurred last Friday was most likely useless. It did not affect Trump in any way because he still got the win.

“Well basically he says things that racist people want to hear. Racism has never vanished from society and Trump took advantage of that. Reality is that, there are some racist hypocrites out there that believe in Trump’s delusional ideas to make America Great and white again but we all know that’s inevitable. Additionally, he says what he wants because he has enough to fund his own campaign. On the other hand, other candidates such as Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, or Carson need wealthy people to fund their campaign” said Dominguez.

Most of the city of Chicago is Anti-Trump and did not like the idea of him winning his election here in Illinois. As seen by the voting polls, we can see that there is, in fact, more Trump supporters everywhere in the United States.

“Living in a state that has many Trump supporters makes me feel angry, disappointed, and uncomfortable because as a Hispanic, I feel uncomfortable walking around my city knowing that the majority of the people are voting to have people like me (Mexican) out of the country” said Ortiz.

If Trump keeps winning elections around the United States, this country will continue to be segregated, even if Trump claims he wants to “Make America Great Again”.