Prom Ticket Raffles for Fafsa

Gladis Martinez

On January 6, 2016, there was a raffle ticket going on for the seniors. What was being raffled were five free prom tickets. But there was a catch to be in the raffle, all seniors must submit their FAFSA confirmation page to the counselors.

The reason they came across this conclusion was because they want the seniors to apply earlier for they could get more money before it runs out. Many seniors applied sooner than what expected.  

“We believe more seniors will apply for FAFSA,” said Ms. Fairchild.

It was the very first time they decided to do a raffle for the FAFSA applications.

“We had not done a raffle in previous years.  It is something new we came up with this year. We teach seniors every year how important the FAFSA is and to apply early, but we still run into a few students who wait until the last minute.  If students continue to wait, they are in jeopardy of missing out on free money for college. So we decided to try the raffle this year,”  said Fairchild.

The lucky five winners were, Benito Mendoza, Suleiny Maldonado, Pedro Vera, Davlin Smiley, and Daniel Salgado . Congrats to them for winning the raffle.

“It feels amazing knowing that i don’t have to pay for two tickets only one,” said Mendoza.

Prom is a pretty expensive event, even more if you take a date. With the counselors doing the raffle it encouraged the seniors to submit their FAFSA application.