First Semester

Jabaree White

At Phoenix Military Academy, the first semester of the 2015-2016 school year turned out well for most students, but not for all. Some students struggled with their first semester and believe they will do better for the upcoming semester.

“I know I did better than last year’s first semester. Last year, I ended my first semester with a 2.0, and this semester I ended my first semester with a Grade Point Average of 2.9 which is a big jump”, said sophomore Jakobe McCormick.

Some students also believe if they would have done their work on time, they would have done better.

“Maybe I could have done better if I had turned in all my assignments on time, if I would have focused on my finals more, and staying out of the command room because if you are in there, you will not really get anything accomplished. Majority of the time when I am in there, I am with my friends, so no work gets done. The command room is not a place I want to be in this year anymore,” said Mccormick.

Others think completely different though.

“I did terrible my first semester because I did not really study for my finals and it really hurt me at the end because it dropped all of my grades,” said senior Jose Guel.

Overall, most students believe they did well and will continue to succeed, and others thought that they did bad and will continue to work on things they messed up in the previous semester . Everyone has a few struggles in their high school years whether its with grades, or extracurricular, it’s about how you approach the problem and turn something bad into something good that will help you in the future.