Confederate Flag Day

Jose Guel

On March 5, The Sons of the Confederate Veterans are organizing a Confederate Flag day at Gettysburg National Military Park in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in hopes of making the day an official holiday.

The Sons of the Confederate Veterans came up with this idea when they realized that the American flag has a holiday so they figured why not the Confederate flag, and have it at the park.

“It’s a small gathering of interested individuals to honor their ancestors and the flag in general and its history and such,” said Gary Casteel, the commander of the Gettysburg chapter of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.

However, this came at a worst time since the Confederate flag was taken down from the South Carolina Capital last year and now National Park service asked bookstores in the area to remove any books with depictions of the Confederate flag if it does not have any educational or historical context.

“There has been various events in the past that do deserve to be celebrated, but not Confederate Flag Day” said junior Joselyn Valerio.

This caused all of people to be against the event since the Confederate flag was the flag of the people that supported slavery.

“The white supremacist would be for the holiday because they believe that colored people are not human and should be used as slaves”, said junior Juan Lua. “The colored people would be against this because they believe that everyone is the same no matter what problems or colors they have”.