Work and School

Daniel Salgado

High school alone can be such an arduous task given all the homework, testing, and studying it requires. Students can be stressed out from school, imagine how much worse it would be if one also had work. Sure, one can easily say that as young adults our main focus should be school, however some of us need to work to pay for our own expenses.

“Having to juggle school and work is extremely hard, I have to work night shifts since I am in school throughout the day. I hardly have time for homework since sometimes I get home at 3am. Teachers don’t understand that some of us have to work, so sometimes I just can’t do their homework,” senior Felipe Sosa

This is the case for many high school students, they have to decide if they want to do their homework or go to work to get paid. Both are important, however sometimes only one thing can get done.

“My parents understand that I need to work, however they don’t like the fact that I can’t do my homework all the time. There’s not much I can do about it, I can only ask the teacher in hopes that I can at least get an extension on the homework. Usually this doesn’t happen,” said Senior Angel Aguirre.

Teachers should be more understanding of students. They should realise that lengthy homework assignments can be detrimental to some students’ grades, and therefore assign more reasonable assignments.   

“If teachers still want to give us homework even though we work a lot of hours, they should at least be fair about it. Perhaps extend the due date or shorten the amount of work we get,” said Sosa.