We Should Have More Electives!

Daisy Bucio

As you enter your junior and senior year the question, “What career do you desire to pursue?” seems to be the only question you are ever asked. Teachers and adults expect students to have their whole life planned out, and they are expected to know exactly what they want to major in. The problem is, how are students supposed to make those decisions if they have never had the opportunity to explore their interests?

Phoenix Military Academy should provide their students with more electives or adapt the program CTE. CTE is a program that offers courses on such subjects like woodshop, culinary arts, and nursing. Students should be able to explore their interest in school and should be helped figure out which field best suits them.

Some people may believe that we should not be worrying about taking more electives, instead worry about our academics more. I agree with that statement completely, however there is much more to our life than just the standard subjects. School isn’t the only place where students just go to learn the basic fundamentals of math, reading, and writing. School is the place where each individual student is discovering what type of person they are, they are trying to figure out what makes them stand out from everybody else, and most importantly they are creating themselves as they find themselves along the way. But the class choices that are offered puts a limit towards students.

Because of the course limitations students enter college with an ‘undecided’ major. There is a reason that students do not have a goal in the future and that is because they are unaware of all the possibilities there are. There is a reason why many college students change their major in college, and that is because they are testing out the different courses in college when they could have done that in high school. Instead, they are now wasting time and money in college trying to figure that out. Students do not have the money to throw out the window just to be testing out their interest. Having elective classes gives the students an idea of what they can possibly be interested in or what they can see themselves doing. It gives them the opportunity to create a base for their goal, in which they can later on build up.

There are many schools who do offer such classes to their students like Curie High School. Curie has a CTE program in their school, which allows students to choose a course from business to computer science. My cousin attends Curie and she was able to declare her major because of that program. Since taking that program she knew she wanted to be a business major and not only that, but she is able to enter college with some background knowledge as well.

Since Phoenix is a Level 1+ school, they should provide their students with those types of courses. Students should not be limited to their education and interest. This will benefit students so much. One benefit is by helping them create an idea of what they want to major in college. Second benefit, students are able to have a base to construct their future goals. They cannot just start out of scratch and with no background knowledge. Thirdly, students are able to learn more about themselves. They are able to determine their dislikes and likes. They can find their strengths and weaknesses and maybe even hidden talents. The most important benefit, is that students will save thousands and thousands of money in college. They will not be wasting semesters on majors they do not end up liking. In taking these type of classes they will know what they want to pursue and not be experimenting in college. Students just do not simply have that type of money to be wasting.