The Cross-Platform Benefit

The Cross-Platform Benefit

Giovanni Logan

Microsoft recently announced that it was open to cross-platform play with PC players and subliminally inviting Sony to join the party. It would be idiotic of Sony to not consider the advantages to joining with their counterpart in gaming. If both companies were to join together after being against each other for years, it’d be a milestone for the gaming community.

If both companies were to join, they could both end up benefiting from the possibility of gaining more system sales on either side. It would make the customer happy not having to pay for both consoles because of the exclusives to consoles or wanting to enjoy certain games that different systems have.

Another reason this could be good is because it can end the console wars and start it at the same time. It could end the war because players can finally see that the companies are working together, see both consoles as the same and could create unity. It could also start console wars because there could be tournaments or competitive play between the consoles that will determine who the better players truly are.

My final reason as to why it would be beneficial to continue with the cross-platform plan is because it would create a bigger gamer pool on both sides. If they join together, more video games will get more activity that are involved in the cross play. I honestly see no reason as why it would fail or any backtracks if the plan was put into motion.