Spring Sports are Coming

Madeleine Guzman

With spring right around the corner, PMA is getting their teams ready for the games. Sports like guys baseball, girls softball, girls soccer and track are motivating the students at PMA to join the teams. Students that play sports in PMA are excited and have so many expectations for this year.

Cadets like Ashley Ochoa love playing softball. Softball has always been her favorite sport. Ashley played as third basemen all three years and plans to keep her position her  senior year in PMA’s girls softball team.

“Since this is my second year as captain, I plan to  show more leadership and motivation to the rest of the girl in the team. I also want to better my swing. I plan to individually practice my swinging by going to batting cages to get some practice”, said Ochoa.

The past three years of high school, she has always put all her effort to playing the game. And Ochoa wants her last year worth all the hard work.

“I hope that this year we are able to make it to conference. Previous years, we have, but I want my last year to be a victory”, said Ochoa.

For the boy’s softball team, Erik Bernabe, unfortunately, won’t be joining the team because of another program he is participating in.
I have played many sports before but not during the spring for phoenix:, said Bernabe.
Erik has played in past years in the boys softball team during the full but not has played .
“I have played baseball/softball for many years so I’m experience,” said Bernabe.

In the past, Bernabe played all the positions because he would always play with friends and join teams to compete with other teams. But as much as he wanted to join the team this year, he couldn’t.

“What I love most about Softball are all of the cheers that we make. During games, when a person from our team is in the batting base, the whole team cheers and sings chants to motivate our whole team. Not only does this give the person batting support and love from the team, but it unites all of us to work together,” said Bernabe.