Meowing is Not a Compliment

Daisy Bucio


The fear that every woman and young girl has to encounter when she walks home late at night or even in broad day light is unspeakable. We should put a stop to street harassment and teach women to speak up. Street harassment should not considered as a compliment.

“I have experienced the “catcalling” experience. I was 9 years old and it was summer. I remember having on a tank top and shorts and I was walking with my family. The guy was smiling at me and whistled at me. Thankfully my brother and cousins confronted the older man,” said Junior Madeline Guzman.

Many people believe that women who are catcalled deserve it because they wear provocative clothes, but for example in Guzman’s story it is proven that young innocent girls with no intentions are being catcalled. Her brothers, whom stood up for her, showed a sense of “machismo,” (chivalry) but this is why men also catcall, to be seen as “manly.”

“To most men they see it as a way to supposedly be seen as “MANLY” or “SMOOTH” by their friends. Yet, they don’t realize how uncomfortable and upsetting it is to become so insecure about yourself. Thinking you’re the problem and what your wearing is so “sluty” or very “arousing”. Messing with someone’s flaw or insecurity is the worst thing to make a joke out of,” said Junior Yvonne Flores.

Catcalling is an important issue that should be solved and not seen as a joke. Catcalling is the cause of street harassment, and women should not be afraid to speak up. Women are constantly shut down by the fear of what men can possibly do to them. There have been incidents when women are fatally killed for standing up for themselves, and that should no longer be the case. In fact, catcalling shouldn’t no longer exist. Women have been limited to what they can say and that should come to a stop. People should be more informed about this issue and men should be raised to have respect.

“Most of the time I ignore it because I just don’t want to deal with that and other times I’ve sticked up the finger at them. I wish I could tell the how disgusting they are and they should be ashamed of themselves,” said Guzman.

People should no longer be oblivious to the issue of catcalling because there comes many consequences from it like sexual assault and rape. Catcalling should be talked about and demolished completely.
“It’s honestly one of the many important issues, because it’s an effect that causes rape, murder. sexual abuse or assault. This issue simply won’t be figured out or fixed, until everyone realizes how sickening and frightening it is to walk down a street. Many girls will  experience this from a young age  to becoming a woman,” said Flores.