Good Furlough Friday

Kimberly Huerta

Friday is a good day for everyone because it’s the last day of a long week in school, but the upcoming Friday will be a great one because no CPS students have to attend school. On March 25th, 2016, all CPS school will be closed because of good Friday. This is being referred to as a furlough day. A lot of people might really be happy because of this Friday off, I mean it’s Friday.

“ It feels nice that we’re having a day off because the students in PMA have been working really hard this semester, and I think we all deserve a day off,” said senior Ezequiel Diaz.

Although some people might actually do something on this day because it is good friday, other people might just stay and home and enjoy the day off. It is the first year that CPS has given students a furlough day and students might be wondering why this is.

“I plan to stay home and ‘Netflix and Chill’ by myself all day,” Diaz.

There are some who are actually planning to go to church, but in this case Diaz has nothing to do and will just stay home.

“It isn’t significant to me because i’m not religious, so I don’t mind if we came to school or not,” said Diaz.

CPS is always making changes but I don’t think anyone expected this day, and now people might want to start planning what they will be doing on this day off. Friday is a good day to be out for students instead of school.

“I personally think CPS is doing a bad job at it because we already have the CPS teachers thinking if they should go on strike or not. By giving days off, we’re just wasting school days,” said Diaz.

People might be wondering why CPS did this but also other might not even question it because they’re just glad that they don’t have to come to school.

“I honestly don’t know why CPS gave us a day off. There’s a lot of people who aren’t even religious, and they have to miss a day for the people who are religious,” said Diaz