Why Tottenham will win the Title

Why Tottenham will win the Title

Christian Gutierrez

This Saturday, the Tottenham Hotspurs hosts Arsenal, and it is a very important match for them. This game may well decide which team will win the title or not but after a strong season, it looks like they are the favorite.

Tottenham are on 54 points after 28 games and their supporters should be glad that they are doing very good this season. Players such as Harry Kane and Deli Alli are playing outstanding, and with the management of Mauricio Pochettino, there is no reason for them to not have hope.

“Pochettino is an excellent manager. He has showed in both Southampton and Tottenham that he can take teams and fit them into his style of play. Tottenham can win the title under such leadership,” said junior Roberto Ocampo

One of the main reasons that Tottenham is so far up the table is because their opponents have been in horrible form this season and have been dropping points to teams they should be winning against. Arsenal for example, were on target to win the league until they lost their last two matches against Manchester United and Swansea respectively.

“Arsenal and Manchester City have dropped lots of points this season and now it will be hard for them to catch up to Spurs and Leicester. They should be winning these games if they want to lift the title this year,” said junior Alejandro Flores

Tottenham have the potential to win the title this year, but they will also need a little bit of luck on their side if they are hoping to overpass Leicester.