The Dove Shampoo collection

Melissa Moreno

One of many collections of Dove have been loved by many customers. However, one that I highly recommend is Dove’s Quench Absolute collection. The collection has shampoo,conditioner, creme serum, and a restoration mask.

The Quench Absolute Shampoo helps nourish and strengthen your hair. Other benefits that it offers is that it gently cleanses, minimizes frizz, and creates soft defined curls. To have better results use the Quench Absolute conditioner after using the shampoo, which offers the same benefits for your hair.

The Quench Absolute Crème Serum is ‘on-the-go’ leave-in treatment that fast absorbing. In addition, it is a lightweight anti-frizz serum that nourishes hair ,makes it shine, be more manageability, and keep curls defined. The Quench Absolute Restoration Mask is another product in Dove’s Quench Absolute Collection this mask quenches dehydrated hair for perfectly nourished curls without weighing them down. It is a deep conditioner for natural curly hair. The creamy formula penetrates each and every one of your curls for true definition. The benefits that it provides for your hair is that it hydrates, nourishment ,and shines defined curls, and reduced frizz on your hair.

Overall, I used the collection and I absolutely love the scents and results that it gave. Therefore, I highly recommend other individuals to try this collection because it creates more manageable, bouncy, and beautifully defined curls.