Symposium Science Fair


Joshlynn Murphy

On Thursday March 17th 2016, Junior Alejandra Olaguez, one of Phoenix Military Academy’s students was Invited to the Percy Julian Symposium Competition at Oak Park River Forest High School. She was accepted by the president of the symposium, Norb Teclaw, who was interested in the briefing she gave him of her science project.

Throughout the country there are numerous science fairs. Students and even adults make interesting projects to show off at the fair. Phoenix has students who are interested in building and making new things in the math and science field. Phoenix students are known for making it into first and second place rounds of science fair for the  projects that they have created.

Olaguez’s first experience at the science fair was at regional, which took place at Illinois Institute Of Technology. Making it to the city fair was a great experience for her. She enjoyed the atmosphere and the people there.

On Saturday April 30th, Olaguez will attend the Symposium Fair and hopes to win and bring home more prizes.

“The prizes range from $25 for just competing, first place gets $500, second place gets $300, and third place gets $200,” said Olaguez.

Olaguez was the first person at Phoenix to get this chance. She feels that everyone should be able to get this chance and experience certain things like this.

“Yes, I think it is a great idea to get more individuals to participate in science fair because once a student is a senior they get money for just participating in science fair, which is ideal. It is convenient because that money can be used for college books or other college funds,” said Olaguez.

This is a good opportunity to receive money for college and to be recognized for something positive.