Girls Soccer Blows Out Crane

Mayra Barrios and

The Phoenix Military girls soccer team won against Crane five to one on March 21, 2016. There are approximately 28 girls, and about 17 girls are in varsity team. The coaches are Ms.Tristano and Assistant coach is junior Christian Gutierrez.

“This year the girls soccer team did great, better than the previous games because we had way more communication and we worked more as a team,” Said junior Maria Reyes.  

The Firebirds had a big crowd of fans cheering for them giving them motivation.

“Although that day the girls soccer team had a mixture of jv girls and varsity girls and did good. I don’t believe both teams would do the same, because the varsity is more experience,” said sophomore Natalie Gonzalez.   

Crane High School is in fourth division compare to phoenix who is in second division.

“Although we won the game against Crane, I still believe that we can win other games that are in the same division as us,” said Reyes

The girls soccer team have good thoughts about this year, so far they scored the most shots ever in our last season.

“We improved in passing, and keeping our head up,” Reyes.

Lesly Alvarez scored two goals, Maria Reyes scored one, and Alma Velasquez score one, and Brianna Concepcion scored one.
“Some of the challenges that we face at our first game was that everyone was to bunch up,” said Junior Mayra Aguilar.