Were the Prices for the Valentine’s Day Dance Fair?

Melissa Moreno

Phoenix Military academy had a Valentine’s dance for students to enjoy, only if they paid $2 for it. Juniors Ciar Jones, Joselyn Valerio, and Valentin Fernandez express their opinions about the price to enter to the dance.

“The dance was nice, having the bleachers out made actually dancing not work out much. But it was nice overall. The price for going was reasonable and great for working in tandem with the out of uniform” said Jones.

Jones, who participated in the dance, explains that the price to enter to the dance is quite reasonable for students.

Aside from how the dance was, Valerio highly agrees that the admission price was fair, because she received more than just a moment to dance. She also received a snack, which were cupcakes.

“Well I had a fun time because I had a partner, and that for the people that say the dance sucked well they probably didn’t dance. I think more decorations were needed though. I liked the cupcakes idea, but they don’t go with water! I thought that $2 was a fair price admission” said Valerio.
“Well the price was fair because it was only $2. It’s worth it to have a good time, listen to music, and get out of class. As students we need events like this because it helps us be less stress and have fun for ones in school. We deserve it. $2 is nothing for most people” said Fernandez.