The Juniors take on Kaplan

Diana Aguilar

On February 22nd, 2016 was the start of a program that will aid juniors for ACT on May 3rd. The program, called Kaplan, was selective and only 75 juniors were allowed to take the class.

It was divided into 3 different groups: Kaplan 1, 2, and 3. Students were chosen into theses groups based on their scores from the Plan test.

“I am in group 1, [and] I am satisfied with my peers, however, I do wish there wasn’t as much talking. Whispering is fine, but excessive talking over the instructor is rude,” said junior Lesley Cazares.

These classes are given to show students new techniques and strategies for the ACT test. The designated instructors for each group go through each section of the ACT and take practice quizzes with the juniors. The first day was for the math portion of the ACT.

“The first day went really well, however, for me personally there were certain sections that were difficult. For example, I struggled with math a lot because it is my weakest subject, I’m sure others thought some area was challenging, but overall it was a great experience,” said Cazares.

Apart from last year, this year Kaplan was not made mandatory for all juniors. If they were chosen to participate they signed an agreement that they will attend every class. The repercussions is adding 50 dollars to the students fees. This was a problem that occurred often last year, so they made the adjustment this year.


“What could have made the first day better was one, not being in uniform, I think being in comfortable clothing helps us focus and relax a little more. However, again, the amount of talking could have been minimized,” said Cazares.

The program also includes a book to prepare them and to do different lessons for homework. Some students are for and against the idea of having homework, but they did sign to an agreement.

“The book is really heavy! But also very useful! We don’t have excessive homework, but it is for our own benefit. Otherwise, I’m neutral about the homework, as long as it doesn’t take as much time,” said Cazares.

Another adjustment that was made is the dates. Instead of being every Monday, now it’s every other Monday. As the lessons continue, students will continue to learn about how to improve their ACT score. This class will prepare them for May 3rd.