Fine Bros have made a fine mess of their trademarking

Fine Bros have made a fine mess of their trademarking

Jose Guel

On January 30, 2016, one of YouTube’s popular creators,“The Fine Bros Entertainment” started to trademark their work which are reaction videos and now people are mad at them for their act.

This all started in a video that they announced the news saying it will change the world and shake up the entire industry. They also want to be seen as the counter of Hollywood being a secret community-driven venture.  

“I do not agree with the trademarking videos because people should not have to pay for making a video just for “credit” ”, said Junior Joselyn Valerio.

For doing this, people that do similar videos will be in big legal problems. This led people to think that the Fine Bros did this to get rid of their competition and monopolize the genre. They even harass people that have done similar videos before.

“The Fines had already shown themselves aggressive in asserting their preeminence as the inventors and keepers of reaction videos, having encouraged their followers to harass Ellen after she did a segment showing kids reacting to old technology,” said  Vlad Savov, a reporter for The Verge.

Just because people made it far in their business, it does not mean that they have the power to control everything and it is not fair to restrict people from doing what they love, especially if they make a living out of it and need their job to provide for themselves and possibly someone else. The thing that we can do as people is to boycott their videos so that they can get the message.