Do you want this man to be our President?

Do you want this man to be our President?

Vianey Dominguez

Ever since his presidential announcement, Trump has been washing the brains of Americans with his utopian ideas to  Make America Great Again.

Trump’s defaming accusations towards other ethnic groups have given him fame among his supporters. The billionaire seems to talk as if he knows the truth yet his reasoning behind all the blabbering does not posses any logic.

For  the Trump supporters, he does not qualify to be president. If we observe the man, he is always criticizing his fellow republican candidates and defaming them with whatever flaw he finds. He makes himself look like the best candidate.  Trump is the perfect man, but then again he did go into bankruptcy four times,  has married three times, cheated twice on his wives, and is the number one Drama Queen running for president.

A president  is a person who is a leader  and can bring the country together :  The strategy that Hitler utilized to turn Germans against the Jews is the same strategy Trump is using to turn Americans against immigrants. Trump is not a leader because he is turning this country against each other. He blames Hispanics for the economic crises, but then again his mother is an immigrant herself. This man is so delusional that he believes he can deport 11 million immigrants and turn this nation into “White America”. Let’s be more realistic Mr. Trump. Furthermore, not to mention that this is coming from a man that thinks that every immigrant is Mexican. Apparently there are Venezuelan Mexicans, Argentinian Mexicans, Columbian Mexicans, how ignorant is this?  According to  In 2013, 2.2 million Hispanics were enrolled in college, up from 728,000 in 1993. Also according to  4.2 million the number of Hispanics 25 and older had at least a bachelor’s degree in 2013.  Yet according to Trump Latinos are rapists or criminals?

Although it is true that Trump has the money to bring the economy back up again and create jobs, but  America does not need a president that blames others for the nation’s status. We do not need a president that only brags about his fortune and how he beats other countries. We don’t need a president that creates conflict but one that finds solutions.

Furthermore, why do we want a president that disrespects and treats people like animals?   We can recall back to the Iowa Press Conference, when the Univision reporter Jorge Ramos tried to question Trump about his plan to deport 11 million immigrants, Trump reply by saying “ sit down, sit down, you weren’t called, sit down”. Trump could’ve avoid conflict if he just answered the question.

Now women are also in Trump’s agenda, do you feel proud when women are referred to as “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals” because according to Trump that’s how he feels about them. He said that  during an interview with Megyn Kelly from Fox News. What a great way to talk and express himself about individuals?

Lastly,  Trump does not  only like to blabber about immigrants and women but also about  African Americans. According to Trump said in

2013 “sadly, because president Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won’t see another black president for generations!” In 2015 he said“and if you look at black and African American youth, to a point where they’ve never done more poorly. There’s no spirit.”
I ask you all  not to  just listen but further educate yourselves about other candidates. Search them, read about their positions/ plans for America.  Be realistic not just optimistic like Trump. I challenge you all to go research other candidates from both the democrat and republican party and see what they have to offer the people. Can you imagine what America will become if this hollywood drama queen is elected president? Let’s be real just like he’s real about his hair. Finally, I want to encourage everyone to vote in this upcoming election because  the future of America is in your hands. If Trump can’t listen or answer a simple question, what makes you think that he will listen to you?