Apple refuses to hack for the government

Apple refuses to hack for the government

Jose Guel

On February 18, 2016, the FBI was trying to hack an iphone of  a terrorist and needs Apple’s help but the company refused because it is an invasion of privacy.

The reason why Apple denies to help the FBI hack Syed Rizwan Farook’s phone is not only because it is a violation to our rights but because it will make the software of Apple more hackable and will make the software less protected.

“I say the government should not spy on us.We have very important data that we don’t want the government to know of, we also have some deep conversations with our friends which we do not want anyone to know of,” said junior Juan Lua.

However, this is used to see if the phone has any important information about other bombings or maybe the phone could have contacts to other terrorists especially if one of the contacts is a member of ISIS.

“I am on the government’s side because I do not feel safe knowing that there is a terrorist out there possibly planning to kill more people,” said junior Joselyn Valerio.

Both sides have good reason to believe what they believe but at the end there will only be one victor which will help stop some terrorist or have our privacy diminished. Lets hope there will be a neutral answer to resolve both sides.