A Portrayal of History

Jaylin Lara

On February 25,2016 a movie/play was performed to celebrate black history month in the gym. Phoenix cadets and teachers participated in this event. Samuel Ferguson and Cinthia Bustos share their reaction.

“I was really shocked during the play. My mouth dropped when I saw the pregnant girl picking cotton up and tied up while the slave master dragged them in a line. It really made me realize that African Americans worked regardless,” said Bustos.

Ferguson, a performer of the play himself and being African American, shares how he felt with regards to the event.

“Me being African American myself and thinking I truly knew about my culture, but this event gave me the opportunity to really put myself in my ancestors’ shoes. This was shocking because I’ve never really took the time to realize what they had endured. It was mindblowing; I would’ve never thought that these were things they had to face,” said Ferguson.

Bustos, a viewer of the performance, believes that a strong emotion should be felt after watching this performance.

“As an individual, one should be aware of what African Americans went through was something very traumatic. One should also learn to not discriminate if they know nothing about a person,” said Bustos.

Ferguson really enjoyed being part of the performance and making sure that the message the event gave was received by all the viewers.

“It felt good to be part of it because I’m getting an opportunity to enlighten students about my culture. I was able to realize that there’s more to black history month than the money, clothes, and cars. We have been through a struggle. Appreciate what we showed in this event,” said Ferguson.